4. Examine the Ways in Which Government Policies and Laws May Affect the Nature and Extent of Family Diversity

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There are many different laws and policies that the government put in place which will affect various social issues; in this case the family. Some sociologists believe that this social policy the government enforces can make the family far more diverse; whilst others disagree. An example of this social policy can be in China there is a ‘one-child policy’, which limits families from having more than one child and in the instance that they do have more the government can inflict a series of penalties, this policy is in place to control the population of China; ‘For a prosperous, powerful nation and a happy family, please use birth planning’. In the following item I intend to discuss how social policies and laws in the UK may have affect the nature and extent of family diversity.
One way in which families in the UK have become more diverse is through an increase of same-sex marriages and families; when lesbian or gay couples live together with children. This can be linked to social policy in 1967 which legalised homosexuality in the UK and as a result made homosexuality more socially accepted and also allowed homosexuals to start their own families.
Another social policy which has allowed same-sex couples who are starting a family to be more socially accepted was in 2002 when UK Adoption law was changed to allow for homosexual couples to adopt children rather than have to rely upon surrogate mother willing to carry and give birth to a baby for them or any other reproductive technology alike. Furthermore, in 2004 the Civil Partnership Act allowed homosexuals to now be legally married allowing them to be in a far more ‘stable’ family relationship and it was as if it was a commitment to the family and any dependant children. All of these changes in social policy can be linked to the growth in same-sex families and couples.
Some sociologists believe these changes to be for the best; e.g. Feminists. These feminists believe that society in general is too patriarchal,

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