4. Emotions Are Perfectly Permissible Signs of the Healthy Body’s Response to Stress.

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What are the essential factors that help to mould a person’s character? The formation of character begins from the early childhood. Of course family plays significant part in character building. Carrying out some simple duties, the child is accustomed to respect and love work, to feel responsibility for the charged business. Under the influence of requirements of parents and tutors, their personal example the child gradually has concepts of what he can do and what he can't, and it starts to define its behaviour, lays the foundation for a call of duty, discipline, endurance; the child is accustomed to state an estimation to own behaviour. With the еntering school begins the new stage of formation of character . This stage is characterised by that the child faces a considerable quantity of new, strict rules and the duties rigidly defining all its behaviour. Usually these circumstances promote formation of such character traits, as organisation, purposefulness, persistence, accuracy, discipline, diligence. Especially intensively character traits develop at teenagers . And this sensitive period is formed set of character traits, especially what express the relation of the person to a society and people. The major means of a character building is work. In the serious and socially significant work connected with overcoming of difficulties, the best character traits - purposefulness, a collectivism, persistence are brought up. The character building is influenced by the literature and art. Images of literary heroes and their behaviour often serve for the pupil as the original sample to whom it compares the behaviour. The character building is influenced also by a personal example of the tutor, whether it is parents or teachers. What the teacher does much more influences a life of the child, than what he speaks. How the teacher his work how he follows public norms of behaviour, how he control his feelings, what style of his work - all that has enormous importance for a character building of children. Character is not a stiff foundation(застывшее образование),it moulds during all person’s life. It’s known that physiological bents(задатки) do not predetermine absolutele development of character. A great assistance( большая помощь) in a character building is rendered by more skilled people and it’s important to find a worthy example for imitation. Character of the person is formed in interaction with others. But the one who undertakes to help another, at first should show itself an example of purposefulness, activity, organisation, firmness and other character traits which he should generate at the pupils. Here it is impossible to forget about mechanisms of imitation which first of all extend on negative displays of behaviour. At first mother, the father, other members of a family, then tutors in a kindergarten, contemporaries, teachers are potential instructors. So those potential instructors should first of all look after themselves. Much depends on them. They should make aware of all responsibility that they take.

What are the ways and means by which a person’s character is revealed and estimated? We all know that people are different. Sometimes we meet people whom we don’t like. But some people attract us. Usually when we meet people first of all we look at their appearance, how they look. Of course if a person is untidy, slovenly and unpleasant we don’t want to communicate with him. We don’t even want to be near them. We always look at person’s clothes. As for me I like well-dressed people, who are always neat, tidy and elegant. And if we like person’s appearance we are eager to socialize with them. But sometimes it happens that we are disappointed in people, even we like their appearance. It happens when a person is rude, impertinent, impolite or fussy. So what I want to say that we also pay attention to people’s speech, in what way they communicate. It’s very important to communicate with...
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