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Activity 1


My Name is Rebecca Dickens I am currently working for Shropshire fire and rescue in their HR department as a HR Administrator, in doing this course I eventually would like to become a HR Officer and eventually go into Management within the HR environment. HR Profession Map

Within the HR profession map there are 2 core professional areas. Insights, Strategy and solutions Definition – Develop understanding of the organisation and its context and use these insights to tailor strategy and solutions to meet organisational needs now and in the future. (Our professional standards V2.4) Leading HR - Definition – Act as a role model leader, maximising the contribution that HR, or your specialist function, makes throughout the organisation both though your own efforts and through supporting, developing and measuring others across the organisation. (Our professional standards V2.4) There are 8 professional areas

Organisation design – Definition - ensure the organisation is appropriately designed to deliver maximum impact in the short and long term. Organisation development – Definition – Identify organisational and individual capability requirements and align strategy, people and processes to optimise effectiveness and achieve organisational goals. Design interventions to drive the appropriate culture, behaviours, skills, and performance and provide insight and leadership on change management strategy, planning and implementation. Resourcing and talent planning – Definition – ensure that the organisation has the right resource, capability and talent to achieve immediate and strategic ambitions now and in the future. Learning and development – Definition – build individual and organisational capability and knowledge to meet the current and strategic requirements, and create a learning culture to embed capability development. Performance and reward – Definition – help create and maintain a high-achieving organisational culture by...
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