Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Concept Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: July 13, 2015
1. 5 Terms must be defined, described, and applied to this FRQ to earn full points on the AP Psychology exam 2.
Egocentrism - yes
Observational learning – yes? (it would be a very informal definition) Overgeneralization in language –yes? (informal)
Reconstructive memory - no
Schema – yes
Egocentrism – the belief that one is the center of attention at all times Observational learning – the process of learning new information through the process of observing another individual performing the action Overgeneralization in language – the incorrect application of all language rules to aspects which do not require those rules Reconstructive memory – the act of remembering is influenced by various other cognitive processes Schema – a predetermined mental representation of a certain idea or concept 4.

Egocentrism – “Today I went to the fire station and I learned all about the things that firefighters do. The teacher yelled at me and said I was too loud but I was talking in my outside voice because we were outside. I don’t know why she yelled at me” Observational learning – “Today we went to the fire station. There was a man talking and the rest didn’t talk while he was talking, so I didn’t either.” Overgeneralization in language – “Today we taked a trip to the fire station. Lots of peoples came.” Reconstructive memory –

Amy: “At the fire station, there was a…wait I can’t remember” Brother: “What do you believe you saw?”
Amy: “Oh! It was fire station so there must have been a Dalmatian… that’s right! There was a Dalmatian!” Schema – “The fire truck was big and red and had lots of lights on it. I thought there would be a Dalmation looking out of the window but there wasn’t.” 5. I am not exactly sure if my answers for #4 are what the question was asking for, but if so, then the assignment was fairly simple to complete disregarding the fact that I didn’t know the definition of reconstructive memory. I had to do further reading on reconstructive memory....
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