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While walking down the street or watching TV, there are countless sentences that will be said that include the words “I love”. It is such a simple phrase, yet it is one with an extremely vague meaning. Do you really “love those shoes” or “love that song”? In today’s society, people often use the word love flippantly, for its meaning has been watered down over the years. Nowadays, people utilize the word love to express a feeling of admiration or approval when they see something that they like (Ceglowski). Unlike the English language’s one word for love, the ancient Greeks broke it down into four different sectors: eros, phileo, storge, and agape. These types of love are all found in the Bible and are classified as an important thing for all Christians to understand (“Four Kinds of Love”).

Eros is the physical, sexual love – often called ‘erotic’ (“Kinds of Love”). It is the love found between two people in a marriage and is used for reproduction and emotional and spiritual bonding (Ceglowski). In the Bible, God forbids it outside of matrimony (Ceglowski). Eros is the type of love that is repeatedly displayed in Hollywood productions. The influence of this mass media too often distorts the societal image of what exactly love is (Ceglowski). Eros is the most common kind of love, as it is the most common to be taken out of context. This type of love is what God intended and restricted to a one-man, one-woman kind of relationship within the bound of marriage, but society has warped and perverted it into something that most are brain-washed into believing is more enjoyable (Newton). These perversions include fornication, adultery, and same-sex marriage (“Kinds of Love”).

The love that one has within friendships is known as phileo (Ceglowski). Phileo is to have a special interest in someone or something, frequently with focus on close association; have affection for, like, consider someone a friend (“Four Kinds of...
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