3rd Industrial Revolution

Topics: Manufacturing, Industrial Revolution, Industry Pages: 5 (1974 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1. The hammer man
2. The oil free machinery
3. Additive manufacturing is there in 3 d printing, just deposit material in the printer layer by layer and ger the product manufactured at home. 4. No need of economies of scale in 3 D printing

5. 3D printing is used in making parts for cars and covers of iphones, pair of shoes, hearing aid or a piece of jwellery. Just design a prototype and then produce in bulk. 6. The Volkswagen’s modularer querbaukasten by standardizing certain components such as mounting points of the engines, the companies can make all of the model on the same production line. So factories in different countries will make the cars themselves according to eh market requirement. 7. The automobile companies like NISSAN have said that now it requires less number of employees in manufacturing than the previous years, the reason is development of new ways for manufacturing because of which the cost of labor declines and the total production cost will diminishes too. With new manufacturing processes, now it will encourage the rich countries to start manufacturing with a small number of employees 8. Sometimes it will not be the machines only but microorganisms like Bacterias would be doing the manufacturing. 9. As manufacturing goes digital, the medium sized firms and individual entrepreneurs will have an opportunity and launching new products will become more easier. Social manufacturing: “Social production” is defined as the result of “the coordinated creative energy of large numbers of people (usually with the aid of the Internet) into large, meaningful projects, mostly without traditional hierarchical organization.” Example can be facebook and other online communities. 10. 1st Industrial revolution: mechanization of the textile industry began in Britain. 2nd industrial revolution: in Amercia with the era of mass production. 3rd industrial revolution: everything goes digital, less labor, no economies of scale,easy to use robots, collaborative manufacturing and manufacturing going back to rich countries. 11. China stands neck to neck with America now. America’s manufacturing jobs fell by a third because of offshoring and outsourcing but now its considered that manufacturing is important for a nation and economy and new form of manufacturing like 3d printing, micro organisms will create new jobs. 12. Reasons for a country to engage in Manufacturing: manufacturing jobs are paid more than the service jobs. Manufacturing is a big source of innovation, reduces trade deficits and helps growing clean economy such as recycling and green energy. Only 11% GDP of America is raised from manufacturing. 13. Advanced manufacturing partnership: An initiative with businesses and universities to create jobs and boost up competitiveness. 14. In America the factory floors are desserted, whereas the offices are full with specialist of each fields. America is finding ways to come up with manufacturing jobs with a digitization of manufacturing. 15. Since for the manufacturing a company needs skilled employees which can be gained through training , but in Amercia apprenticeship and training are becoming dead because they think that employees are going to leave and serve other country so why should we train them? But rolls Royce has double the apprentice and firms are now collaborating with universitie and colleges to provide training programmes and equipments to them. 16. Companies can not stop production equipments and use them in training of employees. The other option is to provide training on the computers and high resolution screens. They can be used to stimulate products such as cars in 3D. 17. A 3D digital prototype lets you to design,visualize and simulate the produt rapidly and cost effectively, the images produced from digital prototype can be used in ads and brouchers. 18. Only few people are choosing manufacturing and engineering as a career but 3 d printing will...
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