3RD ESSAY EGL 1020 Hamlet 1

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Turn in an outline instead of the actual essay. Begin the outline with your title. For the introduction mention your topic as the motivator, and then mention your thesis statement in a clear, complete sentence. (This is your main point.) Then for the body of the essay mention your topic sentences. (These are your sub points, and you must mention them in clear, complete sentences.) After each topic sentence you may mention specific support (a phrase or two by way of examples). Then for the conclusion mention your reworded thesis statement with a clincher. You must label each part of your outline.

The number of your topic sentences depends on the number of your sub points. If you use a secondary source, make a clear reference.
As you contemplate any of the following questions, please remember that you need to develop one precise answer to work as your thesis statement.

Highlight the question of your choice and attach this sheet to your outline.

Prompt Questions:

What is the role of reason (the faculty of rationality) in Shakespeare’s Hamlet? OR
How does Shakespeare discuss playacting in connection with the construction of identity? OR
What is the contrast between Hamlet and Claudius as role-players? OR
What does Shakespeare suggest through Hamlet’s phrase “scourge and minister” (3.4.194)? OR
What is Shakespeare’s critique of Humanism in Hamlet?
What does the metaphor of the garden represent in Shakespeare’s Hamlet? OR
Both Shakespeare and Poe discuss the impact of worldliness in Hamlet and “The Cask of Amontillado” respectively. Discuss either a parallel or a contrast between the worldly Claudius and the worldly Montresor. OR

Both Shakespeare (in Hamlet) and Melville (in Bartleby) discuss the topic of alienation. What is the parallel or contrast between Shakespeare and Melville in their examination of the protagonist’s alienation? OR

Both Shakepeare (in Hamlet)...

Cited: page at the end.
Please remember that your essay is a sustained development of a specific and clear answer to any one of the prompt questions. The answer to a question is your thesis statement which can be any of the following kinds of arguments: definition, evaluation, causal, process, classification, resemblance, and ethical. In the body of the essay you need to show this argument through a few sub points. The different kinds of claims (comparison, contrast, definition, evaluation, causal, process, classification, resemblance) can also be useful as patterns or methods of organization in the body of the essay so long as each sub point is a clearly connected aspect of the main point.
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