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Topics: Learning styles, Learning, Education Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: May 27, 2012
3PDL F210B
Debbie White
CIPD Preparing and Designing Learning and Development Activities Activity 1

The Learning Cycle Principles
It is understood that in order for adults to learn in an effective manner certain needs need to be taken into account. This can be their personal psychological reasons i.e. their sense of purpose for learning. Also the environment in which they learn is a key consideration, for example the freedom to make mistakes in a safe environment. Kolb’s Learning Cycle describes 4 stages all adults need to go through to have effective learning, Experiencing, Observing and Reflecting, Thinking & Abstract Concepts and finally Experimenting with the new concepts.

4 Styles of Learning and Potential Barriers
Honey and Mumford developed Kolb’s framework for learning and identified that individuals learn in different ways and that as trainers we needed to take this into account when designing and delivering our training. The 4 different learning styles they identified were... * Activists; involve themselves fully in new experiences and will come with an open mind. * Reflectors; like to stand back and observe and consider the many different perspectives before making a final decision or undergoing the task themselves. * Theorists; like to think problems through, they like to consider problems from a logical perspective and enjoy models, principles and finding the ‘right’ answer * Pragmatists; are practical and down to earth, they like to know how things will work in the real world and want to find solutions which quickly. Barriers to Learning;

* Using a single teaching method that only appeals to one of the learning styles discussed above. This would alienate candidates who had a different preference than the one selected by the trainer who can fall into trap of choosing the learning style they enjoy the most. * Safe environment; by this I mean it is important that candidates feel emotionally safe in order to be...
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