3m - Culture of Innovation

Topics: 3M, Political correctness, Minnesota Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Elevator Pitch: 3M Corporation have a history of succeeding through a culture of innovation along with leveraging existing core technologies. 3M management demonstrates existence of different divisions as independent businesses with their individual units of operations. In addition, the cross divisional support between various units like sharing personnel resources, distribution channels, 3M provided multiple possibilities for innovation. In such an encouraging corporate culture, should Optical Systems be given an opportunity for its new proposed filter, when OS has already been showing results lately with its last two products. Would it be politically correct for 3M? As Andy Wong, how would you handle the authorization for the expenditure (AFE)? As Andy Wong, I would go with the “Authority” for funding the project of proposed new multiprotection filter. I would justify the funding by presenting the OS team as collaborated and committed, as it has already figured the target market with their previous products, appropriate distribution channels, cost effective manufacturing ways during the initial three phases of the product. With the increasing sales from last two products, the team exhibits its charter and competence. Also, this would be in accordance with 3M’s mission of achieving 30% sales from newly developed products and demonstrating innovativeness. As Paul Guehler, would you approve the AFE if Wong sent it to you? As Paul Guehler, I would support Andy Wong and approve the AFE as OS have already demonstrated its increasing sales figures with their last two products and this new product is an improvised product. The initial investment of $750,000 is also reasonable, and supporting this product would support 3M’s objective of innovativeness. This would convey a positive signal to other working units, that 3M supports its people if they are consistent with company’s mission. This would provide an appropriate positive feedback to the performing OS team and...
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