3M creativity and innovation

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1.0 Introduction 2
1.1 Background of 3M Company 2
2.0 Contents 3
2.1 Issues of 3M 3
2.1.1 Structure in Relation to Innovation 3
2.1.2 Leadership Relation to Innovation 3
2.1.3 Linkages and Networking to Innovation 4
3.0 Analyze difficulties in using 3M in different cultural situation 6 4.0 Evidence of reflection on how insights relate to student own situation and how learning might applied in current situation 7 5.0 Discussion of challenges in transforming their learnings into action given their particular strength and limitations 9 6.0 Conclusion 9

7.0 Bibliography 10

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of 3M Company
3M is a Miscellaneous technique and technology company Serving customers and communities in innovative services and products. The home of the fundamental strength of the 3M Company in the use of technology systems that distinguished by over 40 technology-often in jointly with a wide range in needs of customers, the brand of 3M is recognized and reliable in whole the world. Household names like Post-it, Nexcare, Scotch-Brite, Scotch and Scotchgard. 3M established in 1902 in Minnesota, United States, has more than 35 business units and the company are located throughout the world such as The Americas Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia in the following markets: Communications and Electro, Office and Consumer, Graphics and Display, Health Care, Safety and Industrial and Transportation, Protection and Security services , with this business units across six business lines and 75 thousand employees, the company have generated sales more than 23 bn USD in 2009 And has grew up to become one of 30 companies and part of Dow Jones index. Today, 3M is a multinational powerhouse, with more than $23 billion in annual sales across a product line 50,000 deep, from adhesives to optical film. It boasts 22,800 patents, many derived from its 15 percent program. The program has been key to 3M’s business strategy and could be a model for other companies eager to innovate (Bogdan, 2010).

2.0 Contents
2.1 Issues of 3M
2.1.1 Structure in Relation to Innovation
3M Company established in 1902 in Minnesota, United States, with more than 35 business units in America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Its line of business includes sandpapers for abrasives, wet and dry papers etc. The company has a good structure which enable them to overcome the setback they had at their first market entrance, of which they come out with new creative technique to innovate ideas together, as a result of the structure of its employees to work together, the company had a major breakthrough in the global market. 3M’s structure is finely well-positioned to accommodate growth and enable it to respond quickly to its rapidly-changing business demands. Conventional research on organizational innovativeness has explored the determinants of an organization's propensity to innovate. Although researchers have analysed the influence of individual, organizational and environmental variables, most of the research has focused on organizational structure. Within the field of organizational structure theories, there has been a long tradition of investigating the links between environment, structures and organizational innovation. Several studies have shown how certain organizational structures facilitate the creation of new products and processes, especially in relation to fast changing environments. The work of micro-economists in the field of strategy emphasises the superiority of certain organizational structures such as; flat organizational structure, which is similar to the structure adopted by 3M over the tall organizational structure, which is similar to the traditional structure used by the company. These economists argue that flat organizational structure helps an organization to become more innovative, because it enables all the members of the company to take part in its decision making process...

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