3d Technological Advances

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Technological advances occur every day not only improving our way of living but also creating a different ways of living. Many technological innovations have brought great impacts to our communities and we have learned to incorporate them in our daily lives. In this era there are many technologies we can talk about; one of them is the communication system. The communication system has become so advanced; our daily communication system is now through e-mails, blogs, chats, Skype, and newsletters. The changes become cycle in which the process of each innovation takes effect in other areas in this case the printing industry.

There are mayor effects noted is in the printing industry due to our new way of communicating, for example traditional printing of books are now being replaced by eBooks , newspapers could be assessed on line, even commercial ads are now through e-mails. Production of these printing industries has been reduced due to these technological changes. Companies continuously need to keep up with the speed of progress, and many changes have been made; even dough traditional printing still exist instead of printing in ink and paper there is also a technology system called 3D Printing.

The focus of this essay is based on technological advancement in the printing industry; printing has been simplified over the years in order to be mass produced at larger scales. These types of technological advancements are what have led us to a technology currently used 3D printing; even dough 3D printing has been in existence for years, it is now making a big impact in the way we manufacture goods. There are different types of 3D printing with different types of materials that will be described, but they all share the same goal, the creation of three dimensional objects layer by layer in order to meet customer satisfaction and continue to have that competitive edge.

3D printing also known as rapid prototyping enables the creation of physical objects from Computer Aided Design packages known as CAD. The designing and manufacturing of such prototypes in a 3D printer makes the models from digital prints from a CAD program or by scanning them and successively layering materials such as plastic and metal until reached design. In the same way that a domestic inkjet printer hovers over a sheet of paper placing ink on the page, the 3D printer adds layer upon layer of epoxy to build objects from the base up. (Swengley, 2011) This type of production is used typically in small quantities mainly used for testing.

Stereo lithography (SL) is used in many different fields of manufacturing for automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and medical. Some of the materials used are plastics, wood, aluminum, resins, urethanes, silicones and foam. Rapid Manufacturing produces parts from digital data programs, used for product development, and fabrication, of final products for mass production. This type of production will be utilized in the military because they can benefit just like the manufacturing companies, by reducing time and money. The military can produce weapons or replacement of machinery on site with a 3D printer, and variety of other consumer products because 3D printing process only requires few hours to a few days depending on the size and type object produced.

At this present time 3D printing used is mainly used by professional designers, engineers, architects, and surgeons they utilize them to make models and eventually final products. Companies are using 3d printing also because it allows for more creativity and control over the shapes of each object. 3D Printing is faster because the production process is reduced from days to hours and weeks to days depending on the complexity. In today’s market 3D designs have become a huge tool. The image below is a demonstration of the 3D process when shaping an object, this represent the capabilities of what this amazing technology can create.


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