3D Printing

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3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing

The History of 3D Printing

After reading this paper one will clearly see just how far 3D printing has come in a very short time both by cost and application. Three-dimensional printing, also known as additive engineering, is the process by which extracts are used to make solid 3D objects of virtually any shape from a digital model. This is achieved using specially formulated additives, such as plastics, which are formulated into consecutive layers of material typically laid down on a platform in altered forms. 3D production is exclusively different from a more traditional 3D sculpting technique, which relies on the removal of layers (subtractive manufacturing) to produce a three-dimensional object.

Recently 3D printing was thrust into the spotlight with several startups, producing printers capable of turning digital models into real-world objects; these have not been the first such tools to find their way to market.

The cost of 3D printers has even decreased in the last three years, from as much as $20,000 in 2010 to less than $1,000 in 2013. Some printers are even being developed for under $500, making the technology increasingly available to the average consumer. The technology is now used in prototyping and distributed manufacturing with applications in construction, production, manufacturing & design, automotive design, space, armed forces, manufacturing, etc. The use of 3D printing has even entered the more popular fields such as dental, medical, fashion & design, ladies footwear, custom jewelry eyeglasses and interestingly enough even food is now being printed which may help feed the ballooning population. NASA has been testing rocket parts built by 3D printing and may even use the technology to build habitats in space. Last but not least it is being used in medical research to save human lives.

3D Printing


A look at the past
2000’s- Many changes took place with printers as a whole. Smaller, lighter, faster, more cost effective, world's first 3D chocolate printer, printed aircraft, girl’s bikini, bioprinted blood vessels, prototype car is presented, high definition color 3D Printer, a printer that can reproduce its own parts, and finally food was printed

1990’s – stereo lithography business to 3-D Systems, The term "3D Printer", Z Corporation introduced "Z402", Stratasys introduced "Genisys", license from MIT to use the technology and started developing 3D Printers based on 3DP technology, (MIT) patented "3 Dimensional Printing methods", similar to the conventional inkjet technology used in 2D Printers, (MIT) patented "3 Dimensional Printing methods". Somewhat similar to the inkjet methods used in 2D Printers, DTM sold its first selective laser sintering (SLS) system; Stratasys sold its first FDM-based machine "3D Modeler".

1980’s - Scott Crump founded Stratasys, invented Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), 3D Systems developed the first version offered to the general public was the SLA-250 model,, Charles Hull founded 3D Systems and developed the first commercial 3D Printing machine that was called a Stereo lithography Apparatus and obtained a patent on it and finally in early 1984 Charles Hull developed the technology for printing physical 3D objects from digital

Everyone is talking about 3D printing; it’s all over the nightly news, talk shows, financial programs and specialty televised educational programs, national and international. The guys on the Big Bang Theory have a 3D printer and even President Obama mentioned 3D Printing in the State of the Union address.

3D Printing


If you choose not to watch television, read newspapers or magazines you might be wondering: What the heck is 3D Printing? And why everyone is so excited about it, hopefully by the time you finish this paper you will be able to understand the concept much better. Books on 3D printing

There has been several books written about 3D printing over the last decade...
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