3d Cad Assignment P1, P2 Etc

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P1, P2, M1, M2, M3, D1, D2
P1/M2: Well to start off with hand drawn design work takes up a lot of time using rulers, squares, and compasses and can be tiresome not only that but it’s also difficult to make it accurate to scale and not only that but draftsmen could take up days completing just one of the drawing through manual drafting, also reproducing the drawing means recreating the drawing from the start.

With CAD you have the ease of modifying the geometry of cad you will always have a variety of editing options (example: cut, paste, move, delete, copy), you have the simplicity of reproducing drawings in minimal time and make as many copy’s as you like also powerful scaling, rotation and reflection options.

Another disadvantage of manual drawings is that you can’t use CAE/CAM, it’s important to simulate the loading conditions, the reason for this is to tell if the CAD geometry will be able to endure the real loading or not.

A great and beautiful advantage of cad is that you can simulate the mechanism checking its functions for errors or improvements, therefore not having to spend money on a prototype, You are not able to do this through manual drawing and therefore the risk of spending money on a non-functioning prototype.

An advantage of CAD is that you can use the files to generate a PDM and PLM database. Once the database has been created it, the database can be accessed throughout a wide region network, and this proves to be a better source than manual drafting due to the fact that you can only store the drawings in locally.

The CAD software is very logical it connects the Cad models and geometry entities, so it also means you can’t create Cad model that is not promising practically. Manual drafts you can’t make these checks therefore you can create anything meaning it could be wrong or right you won’t know until you make a prototype.

Also we could say CAD is a good way to save money and be environmentally friendly because you don’t have to spend money on materials and paper which is necessary for a manual draftsman.

Also with CAD you can put a level of restriction to you drawings which means some of the files cannot be accessed by just anyone giving your work a bit of security this is very important if you own a company, with manual drafts you can’t do this so you could lose work or end up in the wrong place and the confidentiality level is very low.

But cad does have its disadvantages such as you are dependent upon your computer working. In the event of a power cut, you cannot work even if you have enough light, where as a pencil draughtsman can keep working. Also being electronic it is not as secure as a pencil drawing and can suffer from corrupted files. Even now with CAD so common, I find that engineers still refer to use pencil drawings (manual drafting).

D1: I did research on a couple companies but the one that caught my eye was Bentley they were founded in 1984 and have been providing engineers with a with logical architecture and engineering software solutions for satisfying infrastructure; what I have learned is that through CAD companies are being able to save money by reducing the time taken to create a new product, shortening quoting time and improving the quality of previous product designs in general. Also by the company introducing a worldwide CAD system that will be connected to its clients, employees, and associates this help store previous designs and easier ways to transfer the designs through the internet (electronic formats) company’s using these methods now are GM, BMW and Mercedes. This will reduce any money spent on delivering designs to clients worldwide this will eliminate paper communication which is less safe for a company and the risk of losing the paper design would cost a company a lot and un-environmentally friendly also you would be saving around £49k; CAD is providing a more financial way to reduce the time taken to make a product...
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