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Topics: Coral reef, Earth, Marine biology Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: March 22, 2015
Coral Reefs are dying around the world
Coral Reefs are not just beautiful but they are very important. They protect coastlines from erosion and are also the foundation of the most of the ocean. It supports more than quarter of all marine life. Despite all this importance human activity is causing a destruction of coral reefs all around the world. The destruction of these coral reefs affects the entire eco system. The parties involved are numerous. We can see that citizens, politicians, World meteorological organizations, presidents, marine scientists and environmental organizations are some of them who are both responsible for the conservation or destruction of coral reefs. The debate on coral reef destruction started due to political and financial consequences since coral crisis brought so many financial issues to the countries that faced coral reef destruction. Now, not only financially but the environment too is damaged.

Coral reefs are the largest living organisms on the planet. To date, One fifth of the world’s coral reefs have been lost. We are losing reefs permanently and perhaps even within the century. If human do not realize what they are doing it might be so dreadful that the remaining coral reefs could disappear by 2050.

More than 80% of the world’s shallow reefs are severely overfished. Humans have greater access to the shallow reefs of the ocean than to the deep coral reefs. So these deep coral reefs are somewhat protected by nature itself. But what happens when the shallow reefs are all disappearing? Humans will start fishing the deep coral reefs as well.

Scientists estimate that 50% of the reefs in the Florida have up to 90% of the reefs in us. The Virgin Islands were lost in 2005 after weeks of elevated water temperatures. It is a fact that 19% of the coral reefs in the world have been lost. So if humans don’t stop destroying coral reefs we might even lose the land we live in.
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