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A New Faculty Practice Administrator for the Department of Surgery Case Analysis Summary Report
Kendall Pierce, Megan Querns, Samantha Reasner, Roie Rennert, Erin Royer

Case Presentation
The Department of Surgery at the Wise Medical Center has been successfully competing for business because of the strong visionary leadership and partnership of Dr. Francis and Donald Matthews. However, Donald Matthews recently announced he would be leaving his role as the administrator for the department of surgery at Wise Medical Center to move to a chief operating officer position at another local medical center. Dr. Francis, who is the chair of surgery, asked Matthews to assist in the selection of his successor prior to leaving for his position. Background

Wise Medical Center is regarded as one of the largest and best-managed hospitals in Eastern City. After appointing Dr. Dante in 2001 as the CEO the medical center has only elevated from financial despair to absolute success. Instilling Dr. Dante’s philosophy of “growth and investment” throughout the medical center, Dr. Francis and Matthews took over as chair and administrator for the Department of Surgery and recruited more than 30 faculty, increased total faculty practice by more than 150 percent and in 2010, the department earned more than $40 million in physician receipts for the first time in its history (Kaplan, 2013). However, both the department and the medical center are recently facing increasing financial pressures as the state and federal government look to reduce funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and other related programs. Simultaneously, the medical center is also grappling with space constraints due to the rapid expansion of all the departments (Kaplan,2013). Therefore, Dr. Dante and the department heads are trying to determine the most effective response to these increased financial pressures such as, creating a plan to address the future reductions in expenditures for each department within such a short period of time. Step 1: Creating the Criteria to Evaluate the Candidates

When looking to hire and fill in an important position such as the new administrator for the Department of Surgery, it is dire to evaluate and understand first the fundamental needs of this job description. As addressed by the conversations between Dr. Francis and Matthew’s there are a lot of suggested criteria when considering the best-fit candidate. To begin, credibility is the most important single quality in terms of getting recommendations and referrals from contacts, so making sure the sources are credible is important (Calario,2013). The next valuable thing to observe is how good the candidate has been in their previous jobs, which can determine, more than anything else, how good they can be at the job under consideration. Next to their character, their level of competence will be the single most important factor in determining their success in their career. According to, “Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates”, someone who is ambitious, yet humble, honest, reliable, autonomous, passionate, confident, creative, positive and eager is the best candidate for any position. With regards to an administrative position in a medical position, experience is a key element when determining a new candidate for a higher-level position. As an administrator, you need have hands-on experience working in the industry in order to fully grasp the atmosphere of healthcare. It is very complex and desires a great deal of effort and time. Two of the eight original candidates were ruled out without even conducting an interview for their lack of experience that didn’t meet the minimal requirements. Additionally, a candidate should be able to exemplify their knowledge from this experience and what they got out of it. Do they fully understand the fast-pace environment and how to work well under pressure, imposing solutions to temporary and long-term problems? “In every study, it...

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