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Leader Profile Paper
Meghan Vidrine
November 21, 2014
HRE 3723

Leader Profile Paper
I choose to write my leader profile paper on my high school basketball coach and teacher at Sacred Heart in Ville Platte, Mrs. Stephanie Fontenot. I believe that besides my family she has been the most significant leader throughout my life. At my past high school she was my basketball coach, art teacher, financial math teacher, Rodeo Team/Club Sponsor, and lastly a great mother to two of my best friends. She never seemed to let the stress of being in charge of so many things get to her head. She always exemplified true examples of leadership, and always wanted to show her students and players how they too can be great leaders. She was a great role model to everyone that knew her. As a teacher, mother, and coach, Mrs. Stephanie would be sure to show leader qualities but what makes her so special is the ways that she shows them. She has always come across as a very humble person. She is strong in her Catholic faith and has always taught her students that throughout life we should always keep God first. Growing up in a small Catholic town and school, I have been through many different experiences, good and bad, when it came to being a strong leader while still keeping faith. I believe that her strong faith, while making great judgments for her students and players makes her an exceptional leader and one that I and the rest of our basketball team have grown to admire throughout the years.

Chapter 1 – The Nature and Importance of Leadership

Not everyone has it in them to be a great leader. Most people do, but do not accept the challenge. Some people may also believe that they are leaders but are not truly fit or put the position to lead in a way that would be aspiring to others. According to Mrs. Stephanie Fontenot, leadership is one of the most important aspects in the classroom and on the basketball court. As soon as she was asked the question, “Why is leadership important for your team and students?” she laughed and responded, “Well that is an easy one to answer.” Mrs. Stephanie believe that being a leader is what her job is all about. A teacher and coaches main role is to be a leader. She also believes that as a leader, she needs to help set the foundation for her students and players, like I once was, to also be noble leaders. She believes that it is important for students such as myself to learn to lead because it takes solid and moral leaders to keep the world running smoothly, and to shape the futures leaders to come.

Throughout Mrs. Stephanie’s life she has been through the many roles that leaders play, through her involvement in organizations, coaching the basketball team, being a teacher, and above all still being a great mother and wife to her two children and husband. She has held many roles such as: a. A figurehead: The true definition of a figurehead is “a person who is head of a group, company, etc., in title but actually has no real authority or responsibility.” After going over and studying this definition thoroughly, Mrs. Stephanie believes that she has been a figurehead ever since she began teaching. She responded to the question by saying she has always been told that she was a great teacher. She always did whatever she could to help her students learn to the best of their ability, while making sure they were enjoying what they were learning. This has always had her students’ parents saying how much they appreciated her teaching their children. However, Mrs. Stephanie said that she always had to follow a certain curriculum and was always told by her superiors what she actually had to teach to her class. She stated that although she was a sort of figurehead for the school, she likes to believe that it’s the way she approached these lessons with her students that truly helped them to learn. b. A spokesperson: Mrs. Stephanie told me about how being a...
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