370 understand the diversity of individuals with dementia

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370 understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the important inclusion

A) The term diversity means to understand and not showing prejudice, valuing the benefits of someone being different from ourselves, understanding one’s own beliefs and their effects on others, not making assumptions, understanding the basics of discrimination like gender, race, age, sexuality, disability, social class.

B) Anti-discriminatory practice means to make sure individuals are treated equally, promote procedures and systems to make sure that discrimination does not happen, help individuals to feel valued regardless of colour, creed, sexual orientation or disability and inclusion, making sure that individuals are not excluded.

C) Anti-oppressive practice challenges all forms of discrimination, it challenges inequality, speaking out when behaviour is unacceptable, encouraging service users to report incidents, being assertive, using a person centred approach, valuing individuals applying the principles of care and making sure that an individual or group dominates

1.2 It is important to recognise the individual’s heritage because it shows respect for the individual’s culture, dress, language, religion. It gives the individual a sense of dignity, enabling the individual to be themselves, helping the individual to feel valued, prevents isolation or withdrawal, it enables the individual to do positive contributions, it gives the individual the possibility to form or maintain relationships with others and above all it helps the individual to feel accepted.

1.3 An individual with dementia may be subjected to discrimination and oppression when the individual has the inability to respond verbally or due to loss of memory. There can also be discrimination when they know there wont be any form of retribution from care workers or line managers. If challenging behaviour is shown constantly it may also lead to discrimination or oppression. Challenging...
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