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For the 360 Reach I identified 38 candidates to provide feedback about me. I emailed a survey provided by Career Distinction Stand out by Building Your Brand. The survey has the following categories: brand attributes, brand skills, strengths and weaknesses, projective exercises, team role and a comment section.
360 Reach is the leading and first web-based personal brand assessment that helps get a real understanding of how we are perceived by others and what they think our qualities, skills, competencies are. The feedback we get from the 360 Reach survey helps us develop and work on our career to have success in our field. It is the fastest growing and thriving personal branding process in the current professional setting. The feedback I received will help me continue developing my personal brand and career.
My target audience was the people I have worked with for several years, friends that I known most of my life and family members. A big portion of the candidates were former colleagues and supervisors, people that know my work style, my values, ethics and what I believe in and stand for. I chose to send them the 360 Reach survey because they would be able to provide me important feedback in a professional level. This feedback will help me know how I am perceived in the work place and the attributes the employees and employer see in me. Including the skills I know I have to perform a job and the skills I may not notice I possess. The second biggest portion of the surveys I sent was to friends that I interact with either in a weekly or daily basis. Some of these friends are people that have known me since my middle school years others are friends that I have made along my path through my life. They see a different side of me more relax and to some extend more intimate, their feedback will be just as important as that of my professional colleagues. This

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