360 Degrees Is Fun! 360 Degrees Is Fun! 360 Degrees Is Fun!

Topics: Potential energy, Energy, Kinetic energy, Mass, Force, Gravitation / Pages: 3 (586 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2012
360 Degrees is FUN!

A. Description We got our idea from a carnival ride called “Skyflyer”. Instead of having one anchor like the one we all know, the “Anchors Away”, ours is composed of two anchors at both sides. The two anchors are manipulated or tilted by a machine at the correct angle for it to achieve a full 360° revolution. We plan to make a miniature replica of the ride. The replica will still work as the original but we are the ones who will manipulate the anchors. In our replica, on how much you tilt the two anchors depend on how the tips of the two anchors weigh. For it to achieve a 360° revolution, the two anchors must be tilted at the correct angle. The principle of the pendulum bob is also applied here because the potential energy is expressed at max from the start and at the end of the swing of the two anchors while the kinetic energy is expressed at max while it is at the middle of the swing.
B. Physics Concepts 1. Mechanical Energy a. Potential Energy – stored energy of the anchor b. Kinetic Energy – the anchor’s energy in motion 2. Force * the product of the mass of the anchor and gravity 3. Gravitational Force * The product of the masses of the two anchors is inversely proportional to distance between their centers. 4. Circular Motion * motion of the anchor along a circle(revolution)
C. Application The application of our project is to serve as a balancing apparatus. We will make containers at the two ends of the anchors to serve as the area where the objects to be balanced are to be placed. To determine if two objects are balanced, when they achieve one revolution, the angle when they are tilted must be the same. As a balancing apparatus, it can also determine which object is heavier than the other by comparing the angle where it was tilted for it to achieve one revolution.
D. Materials We will only use two materials for this said project; metal and bolts and nuts. We also decided that

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