360 Degree Feedback.

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360 degree feedback
Among all organizations around the world, behaviors occur to achieving objectives might be appraised. To assess performance, 360 feedback is a quite popular method. 360 degree feedback is a method to appraise performance through collecting feedback on an individual from many aspects. (CIPD, 2012). It is not just counting the manager’s point from a limited aspect. Consequently, it plays an important role in organizations currently. The aim of this essay is comparing the different approaches about feedback between what we learned during the module and the current practices in my own country. Examples in Chinese and UK organizations would both be given to show the differences.

Firstly, the approach of getting feedback in China is dissimilar to 360 degree feedback within the UK. Most often, 360 feedbacks come from self assessment, subordinate, peers, and managers who play a supervisory role. In addition, this feedback is also provided by external resources such as customers or suppliers (Clegg, 2009). See diagram figure 1.1:

Source: This diagram is a typical model of how people in UK organization get feedbacks (ibid.).

Conversely, in China most organizations are still using a traditional method to get feedback. They pay more attention on feedback from a person who has higher position than them. The feedback is limited and subjective. To be more specific, when I studied in China as a high school student, the teachers need to get feedback at the end of the term. Although, they will give out some surveys to every student to assess teachers’ performance, it is just a form and they will most certainly not consider the feedback from their students. In contrast, the teachers put higher value on their superior. They always make change according to the higher staff opinions. However, when I study in the UK, through my observation I find this is quite different. They use the 360 feedback in practice. In my school, we will also be given the...
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