36 tips on visual merchandising

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36 Things Every Visual Merchandiser Should Know How To Do 4/08/2012 08:23:00 AM  Jyppe A. Quidores  
I am giving myself an assignment of making helpful list of important things that you [visual merchandiser] needs to know how to do to become more effective, not just for the benefit of the company where you are working, but also for the advancement of your career – personal benefit.

Career Management
Let us always remember that we do not hold the future of the company where we are currently working. Who knows if there untoward problems that may happen next month or the other month or next year or the other year, and the store where you are currently working will be closed. [God forbid.] It is always important to be ready. Most successful people are those who master the art Plan B.

[I just can't remember whose line is this. Sorry, I forget. Just tell me if you know. ^_^] There are much thing to talk about but we need to proceed now to our key points. Let's start.  1. Make a Resume

An essential tool of a visual merchandiser to get a job is a resume. This serves as an advertisement to be called for an interview. When a visual merchandiser fails to make an effective resume, how could he then land a better visual merchandising job? Top 10 Checklist for an Effective Resume... Surviving The Screening How to Write an Effective Resume Title

How to Make a Modern Resume, Guide for Visual Merchandisers
Personal Branding Toolkit – Part 3: Resumes
5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques You Must Try
45 Creative Resumes To Seize Attention
2. Answer an Interview
Oftentimes, applicants fail to communicate their value to the target employer. Although you don’t need to speak like a diplomat but at least you know how answer and interview which will guaranteed you to be hired. Job Interview Tips

 50 Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them  How to Ace Your Job Interview: 88 Surefire Tips and Tricks  99 Interview Tips That Will Actually Help You Get a Job
Ten Rules for Interview Success
3. Develop A Career Plan
A career plan is a roadmap to your career success. It will guide to become a better professional and help you make good decisions in times that changes may come in your career. Career Mapping
Roadmap for your Career: Your Personal Marketing Plan
BBJ Personal Marketing Planning Guide
Career Planning Outline [pdf]
4. Make a Portfolio
This is a collection of your works, the best samples. The proof of your performance should be found on your portfolio; you can build credibility by showing people the sample of you previous projects because through it, they could presume what you can do for them. How To Create An Awesome Work Portfolio

Creating A Successful Online Portfolio
10 Solutions to Easily Create Your Online Portfolio
Creating an Effective Online Portfolio: 40+ Tips, Tools & Inspirations 5. Use Social Media Professionally
I have known many visual merchandisers online and most of them failed to use the social media professionally. They have their reason about it but if you are serious with your visual merchandising career, you can use the power of social media to bring you better opportunities. How to Use Social Networking for Career Success

10 Ways to Use Social Media for Professional Development
Top 9 Popular Professionals Networking Sites
12 Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed
20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools
6. Create an Accomplishment Report
Usually, visual merchandisers are not obliged to make an accomplishment report but if you are a visual merchandiser who does your job well yet get unnoticed, you have to do your accomplishment report even if you are not required, then pass it to your head. No one would know what benefits you have contributed to the company if you won’t tell them. Sample Accomplishment Report

How to Write an Annual Accomplishments Report
[doc] Annual Accomplishment Report - University of Wisconsin-Extension [doc] Employee Self-Report of...
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