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Undertaken at






Under the guidance of
Er. K. C. Gupta (executive engineer, 220KV GSS, Bhinmal)
Er. A.P. Mathur (assistant engineer, 220KV GSS, Bhinmal)
Er. A.K. Begad (junior engineer, 220KV GSS, Bhinmal)

Submitted by:

Abhishek Dave
B.E. 2 nd year, Electrical Engineering,
College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur

Abhishek Dave | CTAE, UDAIPUR (aloneabhi_21@yahoo.com)



Abhishek Dave | CTAE, UDAIPUR (aloneabhi_21@yahoo.com)

1. 220/132 KV SUB-STATION
o About the substation
ü Construction – Site Selection & Layout
ü Equipment in a 220KV Substation
o Bus-bar
o Insulators
o Isolating Switches
o Circuit breaker
o Protective relay
o Instrument Transformer




Current Transformer
Voltage Transformer

Metering and Indicating Instrument
Miscellaneous equipment
Lightening arrestors

Line isolator
o Wave trap
Single line diagram (SLD)
Brief descriptions of the instruments in the line diagram are


Abhishek Dave | CTAE, UDAIPUR (aloneabhi_21@yahoo.com)

1.Definition of sub-station :“The assembly of apparatus used to change some characteristics (e.g. Voltage ac t o d c freq. p.f. etc) of electric supply is called sub-station”

2.Introduction :The present day electrical power system is a.c. i.e. electric power is generated, transmitted and distributed in the form of Alternating current. The electric power is produce at the power station, which are located at favorable places, generally quite away from the consumers. It is delivered to the consumer

through a large network of transmission and distribution. At many place in the line of power system, it may be desirable and necessary to change some characteristic (e.g. Voltage, ac to dc, frequency p.f. etc.) of electric supply. This is accomplished by suitable apparatus called sub-station for example, generation voltage (11KV or 6.6KV) at the power station is stepped up to high voltage (Say 220KV to 132KV) for transmission of electric power. Similarly near the consumer’s localities, the voltage may have to be stepped down to utilization level. This job is again accomplished by suitable apparatus called sub-station.

2.1 About the substation :The substation in Bhinmal, Jalore-343029, Rajasthan is one of the largest power grids in the state of Rajasthan and the northwest area India. The most important of any substation is the grounding

(Earthing System) of the instruments, transformers etc. used in the substation for the safety of the operation personnel as well as for proper system operation and performance of the protective devices.

An earthes system comprising of an earthing mat buried at a
suitable depth below ground and supplemented with ground rods at suitable points is provided in the substations. These ground the extra high voltage to the ground. As it is dangerous to us to go near the instrument without proper earth. If the instruments are not ground properly they may give a huge shock to anyone who would stay near it and also it is dangerous for the costly

instrument as they may get damaged by this high voltage.

Site Selection & Layout 220KV Substation :-


2 2 0 K V S u b -Station forms an important link between
Transmission network and Distribution network. It has a vital influence of reliability of service. Apart from ensuring efficient transmission and Distribution of power, the sub-station configuration should be such that it enables easy maintenance of equipment and minimum interruptions in power supply. Sub-Station is constructed Abhishek Dave | CTAE, UDAIPUR (aloneabhi_21@yahoo.com)

as near as possible to the load center. The voltage level of power transmission is decided on the quantum of power to be transmitted to the load center.

Selection of site


Main points to be considered while selecting the site for...
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