340 Business Communication Article Review

Topics: Brand, Logo, United Arab Emirates Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: February 8, 2015

Review Of Articles Based On Brand Communication And Its Effects

By R.Vivek(340)
Brand communication through digital influencers: Leveraging blogger engagement In today’s world the power of bloggers is increasing day by day and thus will lead to an improved network of avenue for the brands. The paper revolves around how the brand can leverage the blogger in order to increase its presence .The whole idea is based on two-step flow theory, in order to prove the study the researchers took interview of 17 brand and digital agency representatives. The authors found seven major issue through their literature review i.e. definition of bloggers, blogger selection criteria, digital integration, power of bloggers, long-term relationship building with bloggers, measurement, and budgetary issues in blogger communication. These areas represent relatively unexplored areas of blogger engagement from both an academic and managerial perspective. Thus based on the above results from the interview and two-step flow perspective the authors propose a new model for blogger and brand interaction. The name of this model is brand communication through digital influencer’s model.

Designing corporate brand experience in an online context: A qualitative insight The study explores the various components and problems of corporate brand experience in an internet setting .Corporate Brand Experience (CBE), which is a source of a company’s added value could be and effective way to position a corporate brand in relation to the overall corporate marketing strategy. However, the concept of CBE has attracted very little attention from previous research; herby our understanding of what the concept is and how to work on it is limited. In the past the brand research was mainly focused on the conceptual understanding of the brand itself now it has shifted towards CBE. CBE is important because it is not dependent on once level satisfaction but it...
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