3362 International Business

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International Business
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International Business
Brief Overview of Dell Incorporation
Dell Incorporation is one of the successful computer technology multinational companies. The company is currently headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. The company has been on the forefront to promote the best business practices. This strategy has made it one of the biggest technological companies in the world. The company has been marketing a wider range of technological products such as servers, network switches, data storage devices, and software. The company has also diversified its products to include printers, HDTVs, cameras, and computer peripherals (Dell Launches Long-Term Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2014). The company has also been using innovative strategies and practices in an attempt to achieve its goals. The company is currently facing much competition from leading firms such as Samsung, Apple Incorporation, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Acer, among others. The company has been promoting various strategies in order to achieve the best goals. At Dell, effective organisational practices are usually common because this is the first approach considered whenever a new kind of change is expected from the organisation (Wheelen & Hunger 2010). With this knowledge and understanding, we observe clearly that the company has continued to manage and rely on the best approaches thereby ensuring the greatest gains have been realised from this approach. As a result, the company is currently a major player and performer in the industry. Different techniques and planning procedures or courses of action have always been necessary and needed to achieve the stated objectives. This essay focuses on the performance of this company in terms of corporate social responsibility. The discussion will identify the major practices and strategies that have made Dell Incorporation a leading player in its industry. The essay will also identify unique recommendations that can make Dell a leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Ethical Theory: Corporate Social Responsibility

Business organisations should be ready to support the changing expectations of their stakeholders. Every business should act ethically and responsibly in order to achieve its goals. According to Kotler and Lee (2009, p. 84), ‘a business that promotes the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) achieves its goals within a short time’. CSR is a powerful concept because ‘it encourages business organisations to support their stakeholders and communities’ (Wheelen & Hunger 2010, p. 37). This concept has the potential to promote the performance of many firms. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is therefore one of the best practices in every business organisation. Many studies and discussions have identified CSR as ‘a corporation’s duty to create its wealth using methods that enhance social welfare’ (Kotler & Lee 2009, p. 17). This concept emerged as a unique aspect of business ethics. The CSR idea evolved in the last half of the 20th century. This ethical ideology legitimises and controls the corporate ability of every business organization. The complexity of CSR has forced many companies to promote the best practices. CSR is a powerful practice that has the potential to redefine the future performance of many firms. Many organisations use this ideology to maximise their gains. The ideology also helps businesses support their immediate stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility seeks to support the needs of different customers, employees, and communities. Social responsibility emerged to protect the welfare of many stakeholders in the economic landscape (Kotler & Lee 2009). The ideology emerged as a critical practice towards protecting vulnerable communities. The continued wave of industrialisation resulted in political corruption, civil unrest, social...

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