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This is an Essay by me, PV2 Craig D. Caudill, on AR 600-8-10, leaves and passes. I am having to write this essay as a form of corrective training, for having failed to fill out a request and authority for leave and pass DA form 31. I was required to turn one in for my convalesant leave which was set to start on the first of may untill the 8th of may for having refractive eye surgery(PRK).

So I am beginning this essay, with a general over-view of leaves and passes, followed by a more in depth view of the ar 600-8-10, and more specifically Convalesant leave.

leave and pass portion of the Military Personnel System(MPS). AR 600-8-10 covers leaves and passes, and the DA 31 is a form used as the method of both tracking and approving leave for soldiers. AR 600-8-10 talks to us about standards and gives us guidance on how to handle leaves and passes through an ideaological sequence.

Meaning the DA 31 is pretty much the common denominator, and is required for all leaves and passes. This form is also required for "block" leave, which is approved by the Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army, X__________, and his Deputy Chief of staff is responsible for setting a standard operating proceedure for the leave and passes, and is required for unusual or oconus convalesant leave cases, and many other responsabilities as well.

Within the army regulation for leave and passes, AR 600-8-10, there is a guideline for commands for Annual leave.

Annual leave is meant to give soldiers full ability to take leave in support of taking their leave they are entitled to as much as possible. With that, it is also a way for soldiers like myself to take leave without winding up with "use or loose" days at the end of the Fiscal year(FY). The noted cap in the publication is 60 days worth of leave. I myself currently have 64 days worth of leave, so this year for "block" leave, and with having read this Army Regulation AR 600-8-10, I believe myself to be now well advised to...
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