319 Facilitate person centred assessment

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319 Facilitate person centred assessment, planing, implementation and review

1.1 It is important to have an holistic approach to make assessment and plans with care and support because it will allow me to cover a wide range of domains in the individual’s life. It will allow me to establish a deeper understanding about the individual’s needs and issues before developing a care plan.
The holistic approaches to the individual’s care incorporates all aspects of the individual’s life such as: physiological, psychological, sociocultural and development factors.

1.2 By having a person centred planing it is possible to support the individual in the assessment and planning process. Individuals that a have a person centred planning find that it helps them to work out what they want in their lives and make them feel more confident.
It helps to clarify what support the individual needs to pursue his own aspirations.
It will bring everyone together to support the individual in a joint problem, by having a better understanding and commitment towards the individual.
It will also help the individual to direct and shape the contributions made from agencies, making sure that these same contributions are based on what is important to the individual.
When the individual isn’t able or does not want to be involved in its own care plan, a family member, friend or other important person close to the individual. 1.3 The individual can take control or ownership of his own planning process or documentation by having all of the individual’s goals and outcomes met like having the individual’s needs as a person met. The individual should be supported to understand its own choices and set to achieve its own goals.
In terms of communication the individual should be always the first point of contact. The individual should always be kept informed regarding every aspect surrounding his life and should always be involved in all decision making, always having a clear explanation of what is

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