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Recent Trends in the Business World

Louise McMabel

October 18, 20

Establishing corporate business casual dress codes require both sensitivity and awareness of all the legal ramifications that such codes bring with them. Factors such as whether or not a job requires a uniform or requires certain attire for safety reasons can be extremely important in setting a dress code policy and in being able to enforce it.


A policy manual should include all specifications regarding dress codes, including the more relaxed dress code known as business casual. If your company’s policy manual does not precisely define what is considered “acceptable” business casual dress, you are likely to see a range of interpretations. Once expected dress code standards have been lowered due to vague guidelines, you will have a much more difficult time enforcing any guidelines later.


If employees are convinced that their image and dress affect the company’s bottom line, they are more likely to be motivated to adhere to stricter dress code guidelines. If they know that a specified workday, such as a Friday, can be a day to relax their dress, they might consider it a reasonable trade-off to the stricter from Dress for Success Inc. could conduct some workshops to educate employees regarding the importance of professional dress and how to dress professionally even when the standard is business casual.


If you decide to adopt a business casual dress code in the spring, note its effect on employee morale. You might find that teamwork increases and creativity rises. All these factors have the potential to increase productivity. Everyone wins!
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