307-Task B

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Bi, To facilitate good record keeping it is essential that good daily notes are kept. This will include things such as; any achievements, any appointments, health changes, behavioural changes, requests from individual, complaints (if appropriate to be written in file at that time) and any other significant events. Any significant event should be written down immediately or at the earliest opportunity. You should not end your shift before you have completed all necessary paperwork. All reports should be written on the correct paperwork in the correct format. Make sure that reports only contain facts, opinions should be left out. Date and sign all records and make sure what you write is legible to others. Bii, Any personal records/data should be secured in a locked cupboard, you should always ensure that any personal files or information is locked away and not on display for anyone to read. Make sure to put files away even if you are only leaving the room for a moment. Always keep the data protection act in mind when dealing with other peoples personal data. Biii, To maintain confidentiality you should read or write reports/files in a private area where you can’t be overlooked and let others know not to disturb you (unless emergency, then remember to lock away). Biv, If your files are stored on computer or other electronic device you should ensure it is password protected and that any removable devices are locked away securely. Usernames and Anti-virus programs also give you better protection. Anti-virus is only effective if you keep it up to date.
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