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Topics: Good and evil, School, Management Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: June 28, 2015
Case study
Reviewing behaviour support plans
Genette is working with Michael, a Year 2 child who has some social and emotional difficulties. His behaviour has improved slightly since having a support plan and this is reviewed every three weeks, which reminds everyone how he is managing. Just before the last review is set to take place, Michael has a particularly bad day and his parents have to be called in to take him home. What impact will this have on the review? The review will give teacher, parent and Michael the opportunity to go over the past three weeks discussing the good and bad points. This is an opportunity to have areas for improving and for Michael to reflect on his own behaviour. Because of Michael’s bad day the report will have to continue for longer until improved persistent behaviour can be shown. Should any different action be taken in your view? It is important to remember that Michael’s behaviour had improved since having the support plan. This proves that the support plan is having an impact on Michael’s behaviour. A log should be taken on these events to try and solve what may trigger Michael’s behaviour. Outline how you would tackle this issue if you were Genette. I would follow the support plan that has been set up for Michael behaviour. For guidelines when dealing with challenging behaviour I would refer to the schools behaviour and health and safety policy. As a support staff it is of my concern to recognise patterns/triggers for inappropriate behaviour and act to avoid them, for example knowing when to remove Michael from situations that may agitate him. I would remind Michael of the positives he has had during his report to encourage him and to try and prevent further bad behaviour. House points system

Hilden Primary School has recently decided to implement a house points system in order to promote positive behaviour in the school. Although behaviour is not a serious issue in the school, the staff have decided that it is...
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