301 Isolationism Intervention And ImperialismThe United

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3.01 Isolationism, Intervention, and Imperialism
The United State of matter extension Hawai'i in 1900. *This is an example of imperial ism because Hawaii was nothing but an island and the United State of matter went over there and took over them, and added them as a State Department. The United State added Hawaii to the republic because it was simpler to spy on Nippon from there, and from 1000 sea mile away, they added them after the Japanese bomb the United State Department Army. • The United States proposes the Open Threshold Policy in 1899. This is an example of Intervention because the surface door policy stated that all European nations, and the United States, could trade with China. This policy was recommended because it allowed multiple imperial index access to China, with none of them in ascendency of that land. Through the acquisition of the Filipino Island, and when the compartment of China by the European powers and Japan seemed imminent, the United States felt its commercial interests in China threatened the U.S. • The United States annexes Western Independent State of Independent State of Samoa in 1899. *This is an example of imperialism because Samoa wasn’t part of the USA and they sent some warships there to take over Samoa even when Federal Republic of Federal Republic of Germany had control over it. In the 1889 Germany attacked Samoa and devastated American property with this being done the united state sent 3 ships over to Germany but they were met by a cyclone which ruined most of the ship of both area. After that happened the republican came to a contract and distributed same into 2 parting, American Samoa and Germany who took The United States try to mediate in the Venezuela-Great Britain dispute in 1895.
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