300-Word Essay Indicating the Purpose for Applying to a Graduate Study and Future Plans After Completion

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Postgraduate education, Academic degree Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Nobody is too old to strive for the furthest goal. When I reflect on my career progress so far, I am far from being satisfied. I am always a contractual employee. A regular job seems so difficult to find. Last February 2013, a regular position opened up in DEF Office and I decided to apply for the job. Seven of us got in, until 3 of us were left. I was the second placer. The result of that application is still unknown as of today but I seldom heard that my experiences in DEF is nothing compared to the master’s degree which the first placer has that is why I decided to pursue a graduate study. I learned to accept both criticism and praise with a positive frame of mind. I knew an advanced degree would open far more doors and give me the academic grounding and credentials I could leverage for years to come.

I am ABC, a graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering in University of XYZ. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by Mathematics and Entrepreneurs. I always have this dream of becoming big in Engineering and Business world even though I struggled landing a regular job in Manufacturing Companies and lacked technical experience that makes me not qualified to enter the Engineering world, I believe that persistence is the key to achieve my goal. Pursuing a Master in Engineering Management will definitely equip me enough knowledge, confidence and an edge in this competitive job market. I have come to the conclusion that studying at your university will definitely be the catalyst in putting me on the road to success. After the completion of this graduate study, I am planning to lead a technological firm and be one of the top entrepreneurs of our country.
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