30-60-90 Days

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30 Days
The 30-day section of your plan should include tasks like initial meetings with managers, teammates and staff (if you’re in a supervisory position). Also include completion of required company training along with your goal for test scores and ratings. Setting up communications like voice mail and email as well as learning the company’s protocol for each is part of the 30-day plan. If there are certain skills you lack, plan to show how you’ll work to gain them in this section. Sales positions may include traveling with other representatives and/or learning the specific territory. 60 Days

The first part of the 60-day section is to review the first 30 days and ensure that you met all established goals and report on those as required. Continue to fine tune your knowledge of the product, processes and clients during this phase. Ongoing technical study should also be included. As a new employee, providing a review of company training materials or offering to improve them might be beneficial to your new employer. Prioritize your targets and contact existing clients and vendors as appropriate. Submit required reports and regularly discuss your accomplishments with your supervisor. 90 Days

As you move into the final phase, the first step is to review the initial two phases and follow up as needed to complete the outlined steps and goals. This portion of your 30/60/90 day business plan is most important because it shows that you really understand the job. Participate in team meetings and ask to join the teams to which you feel you can contribute. As you familiarize yourself with your new organization, offer to take on special projects. Sales representatives should now be prospecting and landing a few new clients. Research trade associations and join professional groups to continue your networking efforts for your new employer.

The first 30 days of your plan is usually focused on training–learning the company systems, products, and customers. So, most...
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