3-Year Marketing Plan

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 Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan

Competency: __Marketing Plans Noe Can Saa Student ID: 901019 Best Western University Mentor: Anita Moore Monie Submitted this day of our Lord

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2
Distribution Objective 4
Price Objective4
Promotional Objective 4
Competitive Situation Analysis5 Consumer Product Classification5
SWOT Analysis6
Product Strategies8
Price Strategies8
Promotion Strategies9
This is the best marketing mix and the promotional campaign can be expected to be successful and go smoothly by using the above marketing strategies. Press releases and mini-infomercials will visually introduce our product line and peak their interests. Catalogs and mailing lists are ready for directly contacting our target market. Having our catalog in their office will re-enforce what they have seen and heard on TV. On their very next trip to their office supplier the purchaser will find a catchy display. Full of our attractively packaged fancy appliances that the customer has been curious to see in person, the display may offer a 20% Off instant coupon incentive to buy and a 60 day trail period to see if they like enough to keep it. The purchaser can take the merchandise then or have it delivered by a firm with which they already trust to do business. Sales associates can assist with questions and help with delivery arrangements. Meanwhile at headquarters, departments will be speaking with each other about daily and weekly results. Certain purchaser preferences and trends will begin to appear by monitoring SKUs during our initial reception. A product manager will be recording progress towards meeting goals. A smooth sailing marketing mix will be achieving company objectives. 9 Tactics and Action Plan9 Distribution Action Plan10

Price Action Plan10
Promotion Action Plan10
Monitoring Procedures10

The assignment gives Company G, renamed Live Great in this Marketing Plan, as a well established and highly respected manufacturing company with a strong foothold in the electronics market. Live Great intends to fill a niche found in the small appliance market and has already developed and readied for manufacture a line of small appliances. The company feels their higher quality appliances manufactured at the “lowest-cost” in the industry will be successful and seeks a marketing plan superior to their existing plan with the goal of effectively maximizing desired profits. The small appliance line consist of countertop kitchen electronic devices made of stainless steal with a choice-of-colors in ceramic trimmings and when applicable include state-of-the-art preprogrammed keypad touch operation (no push buttons or knobs). A partial product line listing would include countertop ovens that cook at the speed-of-light (infrared light), double cup espresso machines, coffee grinders and makers, wine coolers, draught beer mini-keg tenders with tap dispensers, blenders, jar and can openers, convection toaster ovens, convection microwaves, waffle irons, sandwich and omelet makers, and a special mixer that also transforms into a blender/juicer/sausage grinder/pasta maker. Seeing our products being used in various...

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