3 year markeing plan MKT1

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Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan

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Company G is a green initiative company that is primarily focused on the health and wellness of society and how to live a more relaxed life while helping to reduce the abuse of natural resources and the waste we produce. While we are beginning our processes for invention one product we would like to start with is the “motion sensor lotion bottle” this would be used primarily by massage therapist and estheticians who need ease of access to lotions and creams without contamination of product to their clients. Mission Statement

“We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing innovative electronic green solutions.” The Product
The motion sensor lotion bottle supports our green campaign by reducing the amount of waste that is overall exceedingly increased by the salons and spas nationwide as well as internationally. We can help reduce the waste by providing reusable, energy efficient and cleaner approach to retrieval of the products that are used by all who work in this industry. The product will have the ability to be portable for the therapist that needs mobility or stable for the esthetician that needs consistency of knowing where the product is at all times. Having charging stations will allow the portable units the time needed to recharge for the next day’s usage while the stable units will have a timer on their usage of electricity. By using the charging systems we enable the limited use of batteries as an additional expense saving the industry excessive costs and backing our product with a warranty. This will also help to support Company G’s overall mission of promoting green. Consumer Product Classification

The motion sensor lotion bottle is a specialty classification product. While the market that will utilize this specialty product is limited, it will provide consumers with a convenience factor that is currently not being addressed in this industry. By identifying this as a specialty product, we will use our brand recognition to assist with sales and promotion while building additional reputation in new markets that currently aren’t familiar with our brand name. This item borders a convenience offering, but, due to the nature of how specialized the target market is classification as a specialty offering is necessary. This could also fall under a shopping offering, as some consumers may shop around for other options that might be more cost effective, but once quality is demonstrated through product exhibits at trade shows they will be able to better ascertain their commitment to this eco-friendly, cost effective resource. Target Market

The target market for our product will be hospitals, MD Clinics, salons, spas, independent owners/operators of salon clinics, massage clinics, Physical therapy clinics, sports medicine, Athletic trainers, schools that educate health related professionals and various other health related professionals. The purpose is to provide a small appliance that is earth friendly, while convenient to use and maintains the health of their consumers by reducing the areas that are touched by the health care professional which will overall reduce cross contamination. These professionals are looking for ways they can reduce the potential for cross contamination and keep employees and consumers safe. We provide this solution as a cost effective alternative that will overall impact their bottom line. Competitive Situation Analysis

Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model
Competitive Rivalry, while we at Company G are aware that other companies have designed and are marketing products similar to ours, the variation lies in our product design. We are using rechargeable and renewable energy sources that may be preferable for the potential buyer. If a salon that is built around solar power our product adapts to meet this requirement. If they are using less energy to...

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