3 Things I Would Change About the World

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Passive smoking Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: December 17, 2012
There are many things that if I could I would change about the world to make it a better place. Well at least a better place for me .Things that many people may see a dumb or unnecessary. But for me would be life changing or extremely nice. I hope people agree with the things that I would change I pretty sure their good reasons or fun reasons. To begin the very first thing that I would change would be. That tobacco would be illegal I really don’t like tobacco maybe that’s the reason that I would change that primary but looking it as from another person’s perspective I would dislike it also . Don’t you dislike when your at a place for example at the park or eating somewhere and someone is blowing out that killer second hand smoke into your air. Because either way the smoke is their bothering you isn’t it ? Well in my case since I don’t like the smell of cigarette’s it bothers me . Other thing is that it may be good for the economy or the tobacco companies being that they sell lots and lots of cigarette’s which for them is money but for us is money wasted money burned people work so hard just to smoke their money away. Many people also get lung cancer which is very bad not only for the people that have it also for their families which also suffer from their relatives pain and suffering. Teens adults kids moms dads people of all ages are smoking a cigarette right at this second every time people get more addicted to it and don’t see the harm they are causing to themselves and to all the world. Because the smoke they exhale contaminates everyone’s air which can also help cause global warming even though it sounds a little drastic its true little by little the smoke is destroying the ozone layer . To me it would be a great idea the illegalization of tobacco it would make this world a better place and the people in it to. That’s one thing I would change for sure it may have not seemed so interesting or meaningful to you but to me it is. Now I may go to my...
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