3 things you need for corrections officer

Topics: Prison, Penology, Corrections Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: November 5, 2013
I will be writing about why I want to be a Corrections Officer, what it means to be a Correction Officer, and the skills you need to do the job. I have chosen this as my degree of study because I enjoy being around people and keeping things in order. Everyone deserves a chance to make changes in their own life. A Corrections Officer job is to oversee people who have been arrested; they are waiting trail or have been convicted and sentenced to jail or prison by the court. They are legally authorized to secure, monitor, search, escort, and maintain order in then facility in which they work. A CO’s job duties include but not are limited to: supervised custody, protection, inmate counts, control, investigation, and keeping the peace. I have not named all or even half of the CO’s duties. Here are a few in which I will be writing about: High level of interpersonal skills with diverse populations, high level of patience and tolerance, and as they call it the (3) R’s, reading (rules and regulation) riting (reports) and rithemitic (count), alertness, and adapting to change. The first is a high level of interpersonal skills with diverse population. Not all facilities will have just one minority. They will all have every kind of man/ woman there. You need to be able to have an open mind and listen to all that is said. You need to respect their decisions and deal with all language accordingly. Not everyone speaks the same way. Having the knowledge to speak in different ways will help you better understand the situation and how to resolve issues. Having healthy interpersonal skills will help reduce stress and improve communication between you and the others. It will also help you increase your understanding of the situation and knowledge. Not all situations will be the same and need the same results. This skill is related to the job because you will be communicating with everyone at some point and you need to be able to properly communicate. The (3) R’s. The first is...

References: The (3) R’s was once told to me from a CO at the Marion Correctional Institution in Marion Ohio. She was known as the Big Bitch by the inmates. (May, 2004)
The information I got about all other topics came out of qualifications came from searching on internet explorer.
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