3 Reasons Why War Might Be Wanted

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3 Reasons Why War Might Be Wanted
Why war might be wanted? There are a few reasons to answer this question. People fight wars to control resources, colonize land, get what they want, revenge and fight for religion reasons.
Firstly, war might be wanted because they can control or even take resources. These resources include coal, oil, water and gas. The developing countries which were looking for resources could take some resources from developed countries if they had won the victory. In Europe countries, they need a large demand of resources. There was an easier way to get these resources was to start the war and who ever won can get some resources from the others. But there was another situation that the countries that have enough resources may need to protect their resources. There might be some countries that are lack of resources, will wanted to gain for resources from the countries that have enough resources. Iraq had protected them from UK when UK wants to gain their resources. But at last, that had caused a war starting.

Secondly, war might be wanted because of land colorization. In the old days, land was everything. So, the people might want to fight for the land. The countries which have the most land will be the most powerful country. People will get lands from the victory of war. That means more colonize will be more success and win of wars. Meanwhile, colonies lead to more resources which the country will have more lands to develop and so they will gain some more resources from these lands.

War might be wanted because of religious reasons also. People might want to spread their reliefs and faiths through war. There are three religion groups who fight for their beliefs. They are Christianity, Juesism and Islam. Religion reason is a large reason why wars might be wanted because they want more people to agree with their beliefs.

Fourthly, War might be wanted because maybe the first time two countries had a war. The victory...
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