3 Reasons for God's Existence

Topics: Universe, Big Bang, General relativity Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: June 18, 2013

There are many rational reasons for believing in God.
This booklet will briefly explain three simple reasons for God’s existence.


When we reflect upon the nature of our world, we see order everywhere from the water cycle to the movement of the earth around the sun.

Commenting on the order found in the universe, the physicist Stephen Hawking explains that:

The overwhelming impression ’is one of order, the more we discover about the universe, the more we find that it is governed by rational laws.’’[1] This observation is shared by the vast majority of scientists. Since the universe has order and is governed by the ‘laws of science’, we should question how this order came about. The most effective way to answer this question is to reason to the best conclusion. Take your mobile phone for example, your phone is made of glass, plastic and metal. Glass comes from sand, plastic comes from oil, and metal is extracted from the ground. Imagine you were walking in a desert (where there is lots of oil, sand and metals in the ground), and you found a mobile phone lying around. Would you believe that it came together by itself? That the sun shone, the wind blew, lightning struck, the oil bubbled to the surface and mixed with the sand and metal, and over millions of years the mobile came together by chance? No one would believe such an explanation. A mobile phone is clearly something that was put together in an organised way, so it would be rational to believe that it must have an organiser. In the same way, when we see the order in the universe, isn’t it rational to say that the universe has an organiser? This ‘organiser’ is best explained by the existence of God. God is the one who bought about the order in the universe.



If something has always existed it doesn’t need a creator. In the first part of the 20th century some physicists held the view that the universe had always existed....

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There are many rational reasons for believing in God. This booklet will briefly explain three simple reasons for God’s existence.
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