3 idiots

Topics: Operant conditioning, Reinforcement, Classical conditioning Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Students keep silent when their teacher is ready to begin classes. Usually students are very noisy, chatting with each other. Teachers give some sign when they are ready to begin class. Our students enter teacher's classroom on the first day, and are chatty. The teacher was in the room when they entered, and she sat on his desk, watching them walk in. Eventually the teacher stood up and walked towards the chalkboard. Students continued to talk, and he cleared his throat and waved his hand, motioning for people to be quiet. The students shut up. On the next day, the teacher again was sitting on his desk as the students entered, and again when he walked towards the chalkboard, the students did not keep quiet right away. she then told the students to be quiet. On day three, the teacher sat on his desk as the students entered, and as he walked towards the chalkboard, the students hushed on their own.

The unconditioned stimulus was the teacher telling students to hush or gesturing at them to shut up. The conditioned stimulus was him walking towards the chalkboard. The students learned to associate him walking towards the chalkboard with being quiet (they learned this was his cue that he was ready to start). They therefore started shushing when he walked towards the chalkboard, without him needing to tell them or gesture to be quiet.

Positive and negative reinforcement
When the students review very hard, she knows that she can get a high grade in their exam or recitation. But, when a student never review or study hard before an exam or recitation, she can get a low grade where she can be left behind by her classmates.

Positive and negative punishment
When a student is always answering or raising his hands. She can be a good example for her other classmates where she can encourage her other classmates to recite also. When a student is noisy the teacher let him face the wall or remain standing for a minute.
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