3 Am-Scary Story Essay

Topics: Hearing, Sound, Ear Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: September 10, 2013
I woke up gasping for air. I just had a dream but I can't remember what it was. I shake off the disturbed feeling I had and I look at my clock, it's 3 am. I've never been afraid of the dark but tonight something wasn't right. I felt someone was watching me. 

I live in a two story house with many 
mirrors. My dad set them up so that if you stand in certain spots, you can't be seen but you can view the entire room. 

I have an acute sense of hearing. For example, I can hear my cat jump off the couch in the living room while I'm in my room on the second floor. I always have a sort of "spidy sense" when things aren't right. 

I had that feeling now. The phone started ringing. I mindlessly got up to answer it. As I picked it up all I heard was breathing at the same rhythm as mine. I hung up. All the lights were off. I could've sworn I left the living room light on. I go downstairs to turn on the light. 

The back doors were wide open and now so are my eyes. I jump over the furniture to avoid the usual path and shut it quickly. I thought, "This won't make much difference at this point..." I guess it was reflex. 

It was pitch black so I let my ears adjust after hearing my heart in them. I touch the walls to guide myself to the kitchen. I grab the biggest knife out of the sink and get ready to attack. The water seemed thicker. I try to control the sense, the fear I  have. I then hear a steady *drip drip* coming from the sink. I reach up to turn off the faucet to find it was already completely off. I grope for a light switch and flip it on. I hold my terror as I saw what caused the dripping. 

My cat was strung up by a noose above the sink, cut in a straight line from the neck down. The blood had filled the sink and the steady *drip drip* was the blood dripping from the tail. My hand and the knife were covered in blood. 

There was something written on the counter in my cats blood, " See with your ears, not with your eyes. Or you are in for a real...
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