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3.9 The Odyssey Books One and Nine Notes

Complete the following notes after you read Books One and Nine. Use your reading to complete the assignment. (2 pts each)

1. Odysseus is the son of      .
2. Odysseus is famous for his       and      . 3. Odysseus is from      .
4. Soon after leaving Troy, Odysseus and his crew land near Ismarus, the city of the      . 5. Since the Cicones are allies of the      , Odysseus and his crew raid the Cicones. The Ciconian army kills       of Odysseus’ men and drives the rest out to sea. 6. After a rough few days at sea, Odysseus and his crew land on the coastline of the      , who feed on the lotus blossom. 7. Whoever ate the lotus, a honeyed plant, would       about his/her homeland and long to       and eat the lotus bloom forever. 8.       of Odysseus’ men eat the lotus and are forced onto the ship and tied down. 9. Next, Odysseus and his men come upon the land of the       --giant, clumsy, ignorant people who lived without the law.       didn’t tend to their land and lived secluded from one another. 10. Odysseus and his men explore a Cyclops’       because Odysseus is curious to see how the Cyclopes race lives. 11. A Cyclops spots Odysseus and his men in the cave. They discover that Cyclopes do not worship      . 12. The Cyclops, a       giant, finds Odysseus and his crew in his cave. 13. Odysseus lies to the Cyclops by telling him that       had destroyed his ship. 14. The Cyclops then       two of Odysseus’ men. 15. Odysseus is mad and wants to kill the Cyclops, but realizes that if he does, he and his men would not be able to move the      . 16. Odysseus and his men make a pointed stake to thrust into the Cyclops’      . 17. The Cyclops eats       more of Odysseus’ men when he returns with his flock. 18. Odysseus gets the Cyclops drunk and tells him that his name is      . 19. When the Cyclops...
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