Topics: President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Katana Grau
3.04 Free from fear essay
Economic/political stand point analysis view
Obama and Roosevelt speeches
Are the poor and the wealthy equally concerned about the “freedom from fear”? Compare and contrast both speeches to answer this question.
President Obama and President Roosevelt’s speeches were different but fairly similar. Although President Obama’s speech doesn’t have equal thought or care about the freedom of fear from both the poor and the wealthy but in President Roosevelt’s speech, they are equally concerned. Fear is a very thought provoking, anxiety filled feeling that everyone in this world experiences. It doesn’t matter if it’s being scared of the dark or scared of spiders, it could also be fear of becoming too poor to your family live the life that u would like them to live. There are many dark things out in this world that can scare us or tear us from the inside out, but not always should we run away from fear, but run towards it and break it down to almost nothing. President Roosevelt said “We don’t have to fear anything in this world, but fear itself”. This is not about sitting back and letting everything take its toll but taking action and acting on it. For example when people say life moves to fast for you to sit on your butt and let it pass, but enjoy life and embrace everything that happens. If you’re poor, that doesn’t mean u can’t make contributions in this world, money doesn’t always solve all the world’s problems whether you are rich or poor. President Roosevelt also said “You don’t have to have money to be happy, happiness comes from achievement”. When one works for something and successes in the long run, that’s when the feeling of happiness is real.

Many of us people in the world are not as fortunate as others are and we make think this as unfair or injustice. But it’s not about that, is it? Many people in the world fear of not being good enough, afraid to try because they might fail, fear of not being able to...
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