3.3 Explain strategies to support carers who may react positively or negatively to partnership opportunities

Topics: Communication, Time, Parent Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: May 26, 2014
It’s important to understand that not all parents wish to take part with in partnership opportunities and some parents may react in a negative way, however by not putting any pressure on them it may result in them having a more positive attitude. Those parents who act in a positive way will tend to be more at ease with discussing their child’s progress. Some carers may find it difficult to accept their child needs assessments to identify possible learning difficulties this can be helped with being sensitive and listening to any concerns the parent may have and offering lots of support and information and give plenty of time for discussions, explain that they will be informed about any changes and that their child will not be singled out. Parents tend to accept it more if it’s about their child’s learning but find it more difficult to accept if it’s about their child’s behaviour. It’s important to listen to what the carers and the child are saying and trying your best to explain its in the best interest of the child giving lots of advice and answering any questions they may. Explain that by getting outside agencies in they too can give advice to staff and parents in the best ways to deal with the situation in order for their child to reach their full potential, and hold meetings in the setting if this is more convenient for the parents/carers. A parent might not always have time to and feel guilty so this needs to be treated sensitively like making a parents session to suit their time. This parent session could have child care so making it easier to be involved. Other method for parents how lack time can be e- mails providing consent and security issues have been met may be a news letter. Learning journals and communication books are books that parents can take home and get information about what their child has been up to. Phone calls can exchange information too. Confidence on the parents behave may be they have had bad experiences of settings or interactions...
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