3.2.5 Trisha Knowles
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Activity 3.2.4: PLTW Nutrition – Client Report for Trisha Knowles

Client Name: Trisha Knowles

Health History (including any specific health goals):
Trisha Knowles is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in biology. Trisha exercises regularly, sometimes twice a day. She has been a vegetarian for just under a year and she recently eliminated almost all carbohydrates from her diet. Trisha does eat dairy and occasionally, she eats seafood. She packs small meals to take with her to campus as she refuses to eat in the cafeteria.

The patient has no family history of heart disease or diabetes, however both her parents are on medication for high blood pressure. Her paternal grandmother died of breast cancer at age 47. Her maternal grandmother suffers from severe osteoporosis and her mother is taking prescription medications to slow bone loss.

Trisha was hospitalized briefly in her junior year of high school for exhaustion and dehydration. Hospital records note that she reported skipping meals to fit into a dress for a dance.

Recent lab work shows that Trisha is moderately anemic. Her cholesterol levels are normal. Her average resting heart rate is 64 and her average resting blood pressure is 88/60.

Trisha feels sluggish and wants an assessment of her current health. She struggled with her weight in high school and reports that while she does not want to slip back into bad habits; she does want to maintain a slim figure.

Height: _______5’ 10”________ Weight: _______122lbs___________

Calculate Trisha’s BMI based on her height and weight and describe the implications of this number.


Activity Level: BMR and TDEE (Output):
Trisha reports running 3-5 miles every morning at a moderate pace. Occasionally, she adds in a night workout, either lifting light weights or taking an aerobics class. She always walks to class and she always takes the stairs.

Compute Trisha’s BMR.
1425.04 BMR

Discuss the activity factor used in the Harris-Benedict

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