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3.02 México interior - Práctica

By megvila Mar 12, 2014 334 Words
3.02 México interior - Práctica

A. Answer the following about the Aztecs and the Conquistadors.

1. 1.Describe the life of the Aztecs. What is Tenochtitlan? How big was that city? Many Aztecs lived in colorful, huge buildings and large canals. Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztec empire in 1502 and it was the biggest city in Spain.

1. 2.What was sold at the Aztec market? The Aztec market sold fruit, vegetables, grains, and other necessities.

1. 3.What was the main staple of the Aztec diet? The main staple was fruits and vegetables, such as, corn, beans, and squash.

1. 4.What were some of the reasons that Cortez wanted to conquer the Aztecs? Cortez wanted to conquer the Aztecs because he wanted to become very rich and conquer new land.

1. 5.What were some of the biggest advantages the Spanish had over the Aztecs? Some of the biggest advantages the Spanish had over the Aztecs was that they had weapons and armor as well as a stronger immune system.

1. 6.What were the religious beliefs of both groups? Which group tried to convert the other one to their religion? The Aztecs believed in their own religion while the Spanish believed in Christianity, and the Spanish tried to convert the Aztecs to their own religion.

B. B.Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Mexico City today and Mexico City of long ago (Tenochtitlan). Be sure to include:

Mexico City’s population today (consisting of millions of people) is much higher than the 200,000 people living in Tenochtitlan. Mexico City of long ago was ruled by an emperor, compared to today where it is now ruled by a president. In Tenochtitlan, people used to travel by canals and now, people use cars, buses, and trains as transportation. In general, the people in Mexico today work various types of jobs, whereas back then, the only work they had was making food or becoming priests. Overall, Mexico City has come along way and modernized but there are still ruins of Tenochtitlan in certain parts.

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