3.02 Asignacion

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3.02 México interior - Práctica
A. Answer the following about the Aztecs and the Conquistadors.

1. Describe the life of the Aztecs. What is Tenochtitlan? How big was that city? The life of the Aztecs was a life of war and hunting. Tenochtitlan was there capital. It was not huge but Present Day Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world.

2. What was sold at the Aztec market? Maize, cotton, beans, Animal Skins, Feathers, and building material.

3. What was the main staple of the Aztec diet? Corn, Beans, and Squash

4. What were some of the biggest advantages the Spanish had over the Aztecs? The biggest advantage the Spaniards had over the Aztecs was their fire weapons and military training. Even if they had bigger numbers than the Spanish, the Aztecs' rudimentary weapons and undisciplined warfare didn't even give them a chance to win against the Conquistadors lead by Cortés.

5. What were the religious beliefs of both groups? Which group tried to convert the other one to their religion? The Spaniards were strong Roman Catholics and the Aztecs had their own religion with Quetzalcoatl as their main god. They're widely known for their human sacrifices to the gods.

B. Tenochtitlan had a population of 200,000- 250,000 people, which was one of the largest cities at the time. Present- day Mexico City has a population of over 21 million people and is the third largest in the world. The difference between both populations is that Mexico City has grown over 84 times in terms of population to Tenochtitlan. Both cities are considered to be the cultural, economic, and political capitals of their respective countries. Mexico City is also the Federal District, and government in Tenochtitlan was ruled by a kingdom. Some ruins were found while buildings were being constructed on top of them. The ruins that were found are held at the Templo Mayor Museum. The mode of transportation in Tenochtitlan was either by canal, or walking. In contrast, Mexico

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