2nd Language Education

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Foreign Language Education
There is much controversy whether or not children should be taught a second language. Are there benefits to teaching our younger generations a second language and does it matter if we teach younger children a second language at a young age? Many people don’t agree, thinking that teaching children a second language at a young age is a waste of time and money, but others think that it helps children throughout their lives. I personally think that getting the opportunity to be taught a second language, will be very beneficial, later on in life, because, it is something that we have to be willing to take a risk, on investing the time and money so that it will help in their future goals. From my own personal experience, I was taught English at a very young age. Since Spanish is my first language, I remember when I began kindergarten; I was put in to different classes with other kids. These classes were called ESL or English as a second Language. I really didn’t understand what was going on, because I did not speak English. But I knew that they were taking step by step approaches to teach us English because, I was really clueless when I would hear many of the other students speaking English. But within the first 2 years I was speaking English quite well. As my elementary school years went by I realized I had learned English. When people ask me, “how did you learn English?” I cannot really give them a simple answer because, by the time I was in 3rd grade I had already graduated from my ESL classes and I was already put back in to the regular classes. Now when I talk to my other friends that were in ESL with me, they all say that we didn’t really struggle learning English at a young age, My own personal opinion about teaching a foreign language in at a young age to children is that it should be done, because I think that it does help children when they become much older. I think that being bilingual is also a major benefit later in life....
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