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2nd Grade

By ticilia Jun 29, 2010 263 Words
Title of Your Unit of Study: Trade Using Money and Bartering Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Economic Concepts: Money and Bartering
Alignment of Concepts to GLE’s and Process Standards:
Grade 2, SS4 A. Explain or demonstrate how people trade using money and bartering. Goal 1: Students in Missouri public schools will acquire the knowledge and skills to gather, analyze and apply information and ideas. Performance Task Summaries:

First will be the reading of To Follow an Ice cream Cone Around the World. After the reading, as a class we will collectively answer a few comprehending questions that go hand and hand with the book. Second, the class will learn and sing a song that goes along with the concentrated economic concepts, money and bartering. One verse in the song says “Old MacDonald had a Farm, and on that farm he had a…" After an understanding of the concepts the class will have its own “Swap Day”. Students will bring in items that they own and willing to barter with other students in the classroom. Once a switch has been made, students will sign “Contracts of Exchange” to finalize the swap. A take home report will be completed expressing the process, their experience, and opinions on the swap day in general. Learning Styles & Instructional Strategies Used:

Swap Day for the Socializer.
Comprehension questions for the Decision Maker.
Take home report on the Swap Day for the Innovator.
The reading of To Follow an Ice Cream Around the Worls for the Analytic.
Instructional Strategies:
-Identifying similarities and differences
-Homework and practice
-Nonlinguistic representations
-Cooperative learning

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