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Delaney Dabkowski
Rebecca Peters
HUM 3321-04
Second Essay
Windtalkers Fits in the War Genre

The film genre, war, is “the ultimate form of the cinema” (Belton 195). It is identified by 3 main elements: A World of Extremes, Breaking Rules and Masculinity. The film Windtalkers fits the war genre perfectly. It has a caring nurse, love-sick solider, a commander who follows the rules, a racist, and even a scene where a Navajo saves the racist. Some tend to disagree, but it has many scenes that fit each element. Windtalkers enforces the expectations of the War Genre by showing a World of Extremes, Hyper masculinity and Individual to Group Goals.

To begin, A World of Extremes creates conditions in which extreme expressions of love, hate, action, violence and death can find representation (Belton 195). It is hellish chaos and where the smallest action or inaction leads to a death. Windtalkers promotes this idea basically the whole movie. The second scene starts off with a dead soldier in a lake. Then Joe Enders and his group of soldiers go in to battle with the Japanese; there are things getting blown up every minute but not that many soldiers are dying, a guy’s hand gets chopped off and he still manages to get away. Then it is just Enders and his friend left fighting off what seems like half of the Japanese army and Enders gets a bomb thrown at him and he makes it out alive. In real life that would not happen at all. Belton says “characters in war films cautiously enter a hellish no-man’s-land of violence and death in which life is not ideal” (196). This statement is represented in the entire movie. The scene when Ben Yahzee and Enders go on to Japanese territory to use their radio is a great example of A World of Extremes. Yahzee and Enders kill every single Japanese soldier that is in the area and use the radio, but if 2 soldiers in real life did that they would not be able to take down about 15 soldiers and they definitely would not make it out alive....

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Windtalkers. Dir. John Woo. Perf. Nicolas Cage. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2002. Netflix.
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