2g Scam in India

Topics: Mobile phone, Supreme Court of the United States, Mass media Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: February 15, 2011
The 2G spectrum scam
involved officials in the
government of India illegally
undercharging mobile telephony
companies for frequency
allocation licenses, which they
would use to create 2G
subscriptions for cell phones.
According to a report submitted
by the Comptroller and Auditor
General based on money
collected from 2G licenses, the
loss to the exchequer was
176,379 crore (US$38.27 billion)
. The issuing of the 2G licenses
occurred in 2008, but the scam
came to public notice when the
Indian Income Tax Department
investigated political lobbyist
Niira Radia and the Supreme
Court of India took
Subramaniam Swamy's
complaints on record [With Case
type:Writ Petition (Civil),Case
No:10, Year:2011] [1]. The case
details of the main PIL filed with
the supreme court is Type:Writ
Petition (Civil),Case No:423,
Year:2010 [2].
In 2008, the Income Tax
department, after orders from
the ministry of Home and the
PMO, began tapping the phones
of Niira Radia. This was done to
help with an ongoing
investigation into a case where
it was alleged that Niira Radia
had acted as a spy.[3]
Some of the many
conversations recorded over
300 days were leaked to the
media. The intense controversy
around the leaked tapes, became
known in the media as the Radia
tapes controversy. The tapes
featured some explosive
conversations between
Politicians, Journalists and
Corporate Houses. Politicians
from Karunanidhi to Arun
Jaitley[citation needed],
journalists like Barkha Dutt and
Vir Sanghvi and Industrial
groups like the Tata's were
either participants or mentioned
in these explosive tapes.
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